VanderDrift Named Advisor for Women in Science and Engineering Future Professional Program

December 14, 2017

Dr. Laura VanderDrift, an advocate for women in science, technology, and engineering (STEM) – has recently been named the Faculty Advisor for Syracuse University's Women in Science and Engineering Future Professional Program (WiSE FPP). This two-year mentoring program, helps women graduate students in science and engineering majors across campus capitalize on their unique strengths, maximize opportunities, and address challenges. The broad goal of this program is to support the persistence and excellence of women in STEM. To learn more about WiSE at SU, visit:

Dr. VanderDrift has been on the faculty at Syracuse University since 2012. Prior to working in the Department of Psychology, she received her PhD from Purdue University, and her BS from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Dr. VanderDrift's research is in social psychology, and revolves around why some relationships flourish whereas others fail. One of her recent publications in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology exammined at how pursuing an important personal goal (e.g., to get good grades, get in shape) can cause individuals to be less attentive to their romantic partners. In the Spring 2018 semester, graduate students and research assistants will be busy in her Close Relationships Lab, running studies on myriad topics, ranging from how relationships can help us meet our needs, to how having conflict can have an ironic positive impact on our relationships.

To learn more about her research, visit or send an email to: